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Business Conditions

Claiming Policy

It is possible to claim only those goods that were bought and purchased in this internet shop. Standard procedure applies in a case of a claim.

  1. Customer contacts the provider (MY&MI Ltd.) directly by e-mail, phone call or in person. This shall ensure revision and repair. Thereafter the provider will ensure warranty repair.
  2. In applying the claim it is necessary to return the goods in person or by mail to our address. Goods must be clean, mechanically undemaged, in original packaging, including manuals, accessories, copy of delivery note or invoice and claim protocol. Elligibe claim is free of charge.
  3. Licence to warranty terminates in a case the defect was caused by mechanical demage or intervention made by other then authorised person (i.e. MY&MI Ltd.), in the case of cigars by unappropriate stock-keeping.

MY&MI reserves the right to prolog the duration of settlement of a claim in the case of goods that need to be send back to their production origin for a period that is necessary for their reparation. For goods offered in our internet shop applies standard warranty period 24 months from the date of purchase.

Claim form (MS Excel, 19 kB)

Delivery Periods

Offer at our web side my&mi does not always match with the actual stock level. Part of the stock is available directly in our storehouse and some stock requires longer delivery period because it must be ordered from an abroad supplier. Goods that is available in our storehouse will be shipped in 2 workdays.

Packing and Postal charges

Ordered goods will be send by mail as a cash on delivery. The customer will pay the deliveryman when taking over the goods. If you purchase goods for less then 65,– € the postal charge is 3,32 €. In case you purchase goods for more then 65,– €  the postal charge will be following to the actual price list of Slovak Post Office. If the delivery address is within Bratislava, your goods can be send via courier whereas you pay in cash to the courier directly when taking over the goods.